CLIMATE projects > Wind and Weather | 2010

Wind and Weather - RainFall
Wind and Weather - RainFall
Acrylic Paint on Wall
12' x 16'
November 2010

Wildfires, droughts, rainstorms, and hurricanes have been part of the weather cycles of our planet since the beginning of time. They occur in the natural cycle of ecosystems, as fires clear forests to allow new growth to begin, and rain is followed by drought, and then by rain again.

But as human societies have become both more dense and widespread on the planet, the naturally destructive power of weather has become devastating to us on a much larger scale. And now, anthropogenic climate change seems to be increasing the frequency and intensity of wildfires, droughts, rainstorms, and hurricanes.

This series of wall drawings is intended to present an alternative view of these powerful natural phenomena. We could never prevent these ancient forces - nor can we ever protect every human endeavor from our planet’s weather - but we can accept the impact that the natural world has on our lives, and create new ways for human societies to thrive in balance with our planet. Appreciation of the beauty of nature, and of the power of these four phenomena, will necessarily be part of these new solutions.

The patterns used in these drawings are inspired by patterns found in Coptic and Ancient Egyptian paintings and textiles, evoking the Ancient Near East as the location of the earliest recorded droughts and floods and the impact they had on human societies.