JEW/ISH projects > The Seven Fruits of Israel/Palestine | 2006

The Seven Fruits of Israel/Palestine
The Seven Fruits of Israel/Palestine

Table installation:
Embossed paper in wood frame, two sets of glass bowls containing:
Wheat cakes, barley cakes, raisins, figs, pomegranate juice, olives, and dates,
on wood table.

This project consists of an installation of seven drawings, and a table installation.
The drawings are made using juices from the actual fruits and grains listed in Deuteronomy: wheat, barley, grape, pomegranate, fig, olive, and date. The images are based on histology of the digestive system; magnified cellular tissue from the lining of the stomach and intestines. The table installation includes an embossed print of the seven fruits with Hebrew and Arabic text, and two sets of bowls of the seven fruits and grains for visitors to the opening reception to eat.