ZoŽ Cohen
Kol Tzedek Ark Panels | 2014The Garden of Time | 2009-2012Vision Landscape | 2012Ocean Life | 2012Drawing Water | 2011Wind and Weather | 2010What Was Our Vision | 2009Sacred Origins- An Interfaith Art Project for West Philadelphia | 2009Eyes Like Black Cherries | 2008Show Someone How You Feel About Something | 2007-08Blood and Oil | 2007The Listening Station | 2006-07The Seven Fruits of Israel/Palestine | 2006Sites of Origin | 2005-06Milk Work | 2005-07Self Portraits | 2005
| Conceptually-based Visual Art |

My work is motivated by my interests in origin, identity, and place. I create objects and situations that explore the connections between inner and outer worlds. I seek to create images that address contemporary concerns, and that resonate with the thousands of years of cultural heritage that are available to us. I work conceptually in a wide range of materials and modalities, creating drawings, sculptures, installations, and public participatory projects. My most recent work draws parallels between ancient symbol systems and biblical mythology with modern every-day life, political struggles, and belief systems.

I do not confine my work within the studio-based, gallery-driven constructs of the contemporary artist identity. I am motivated by conscience and conviction to extend my reach beyond art worlds, and into the wider world that is already art. Convincing every human being that they contain the power to transform the world requires offering direct experience in every-day situations. Public, participatory projects such as Drawing Water, The Listening Station, and Show Someone How You Feel About Something are only complete when in use by participants, whose experiences become the work of art.

The illustrated book The Garden of Time is available here.

Original prints and reproductions of my #blacklivesmatter chanukah image (shown at left) for chanukahaction.org are available here.