ZoŽ Cohen
The Garden of Time | 2009-2012Ocean Life | 2012Vision Landscape | 2012Drawing Water | 2011Wind and Weather | 2010Sacred Origins- An Interfaith Art Project for West Philadelphia | 2009What Was Our Vision | 2009Show Someone How You Feel About SomethingThe Listening StationEyes Like Black CherriesBlood and OilThe Navel Project at LAVAThe Seven Fruits of Israel/PalestineSites of OriginMilk WorkSelf Portraits
Conceptually-based visual art

I create objects and situations as explorations of the connection between inner and outer worlds. I search for the remnants and evidence left in our bodies of parents, ancestors, and the body's relationship to the natural world, and manipulate and repeat them to allow resonances to other natural forms to surface. The repetition of the pulse and the breath, and the notation of the passage of time over millennia, are part of the creation of this work.

I am only partly content to work within the studio-based, gallery-driven constructs of the avant-garde artist identity. I am bound by conscience and conviction to extend my reach beyond art worlds, and into the wider world that is already art. Convincing every human being that they contain the power to transform the world requires offering direct experience in every-day situations. Public, participatory projects such as Drawing Water, The Listening Station, and Show Someone How You Feel About Something are only complete when in use by participants, whose experiences become the work of art.

Read more on my work in this 2012 interview with Douglas Witmer.

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