Zoe Cohen

I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist in Philadelphia. My current work consists of improvisational painting and drawing, on paper and on wood. My approach to abstraction is drawn from the intersections of my affection for the landscape, of an embodied presence in the world, and of my experiences of the power of collective human activity.

I intend for these works to be responsive to the quiet rhythms of the inner life, while also retaining an expansive scale that refers to the monumental movements of human activism and of the natural world. I’m interested in an abstraction that is active and activated, that contains entire worlds and invites the viewer to find resonance in both the small moments and larger movements of the image. The worlds that my projects reflect are those of natural growth and decay, of contemporary and historical Jewishness, of organizing for collective power, and of spaces that resonate with the past and live in the present.

Watercolor on Paper